Final Reflection

This class definitely surprised me. I discovered I can be artistic in some ways and I enjoyed the projects. My favorite is still the emphasis one. It’s just so pretty šŸ™‚ The projects gave me a better understanding of color and I will never see it the same! I am kind of disappointed that the university only gives four credit hours for a class that meets for six hours a week and students spend many more hours completing projects, but oh well. I really enjoyed this class and hope the change doesn’t alter it too much in terms of learning.

Hue: Hue is the name given to a color such as red, yellow, blue, etc. This is now a whole different meaning to me than before. Colors simply aren’t red, but red-orange or even orange-red-orange or red-orange-red. I believe the transparency represents this the best for me. My project consisted of many, many colors and very few were just one-name hue. Also, the color wheel is a good example. We had to use paint and I now know how to make different hues from other hues. Such as orange from red and yellow. I can also make shades and tints easier.

Saturation: Saturation is how much of the hue is represented. In shad, it is the hue plus black and in tints, it is the hue plus white. This is also best represented in the color wheel because we painted. Painting helped me to better understand how much white or black to add to tint or shade the hue. It became very difficult sometimes to find the right fit for the color wheel. The more saturated something is, the more hue is showing and vise versa. This is represented in the repeat pattern. Making the same colors dull and bright was a lot about saturation. This can also create contrast. The bright, mid-high key patterns were very saturated with the hue and the dull patterns were not. They were either tints or shades which has more white or black and less hue.

Value: This is how dark or light a color seems. It can also be called intensity. This is, obviously, best represented in the value scale. The lightest gray is a different value than the next and the next and so on. Colors also have value. If you can change the color to grayscale in photoshop, it helps to identify the values used. A bright orange has a different value than a violet. I feel my emphasis project also represented this. I used value to create the emphasis rather than the colors themselves.

I feel I learned the most from either the color wheel or the repeat pattern. Having to paint the color wheel put a whole new spin on things. I learned what it takes to create variations of colors including shades, tints and tertiary colors. It was difficult to get them all to flow. The repeat pattern allowed me to learn how much color has an impact on everything. A pattern may look good in one color scheme but terrible in another. I personally liked my contemporary color scheme much better than the historic. This is a good project to emphasize the importance of color in everyday life.

My favorite project was definitely the emphasis. I liked the way mine turned out, even though the emphasis wasn’t what I originally thought. I liked how I used a different technique and added texture. My design really works with my personal taste and I am putting in my dorm room next year for decoration šŸ™‚

The best part of the class is being able to see what other people do and how they interpret things and ideas. It’s a great way of expression and a good class. It is a lot of time and effort, but I feel it’s well worth it.

Mr. Wojtas, you are a wonderful professor and really interested me in color. I will remember this class and it will remain one of my favorites. Enjoy the summer!


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Response 4

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Responses 1 and 2

1.As a student being completely new to any art class, or correlation thereof, I have high hopes for this class. I am nervous, but I expect to learn brand new information of all sorts including terminology and many theories as well as aspects of color. I hope that I will have a great understanding of color, and all things related, by the end of the ten week period. I also hope to gain better skill as I retain very little artistic ability. I look forward for what is to come with this class(as of now) and hope it stays that way.

2.The color wheel, in my opinion, is very important when designing any work of art whether that be paintings, pictures, sculptures or clothing. when two or more colors work nicely together and flow well, there is usually a correlation between them on the color wheel. My personal favorite depiction of Goethe is the top left-hand corner with the pinks and purples. I like how the colors seen in this part of the image flow well. They all seem to be the same shade of color and one does not stick out more than the other; however, in the one directly across from it, the bright red is the first color I noticed. I like all of the depictions shown. Each one is similar but not the same.

I think Warhol is portrayed in different color combinations that work well together, and by that I mean that they flow. The top left is composed of darker colors while the top right is mostly bright and ecstatic colors such as the red in which I noticed first. The bottom right seems to be a combination of the top two. It has the pinks and purples as well as the bright red. The colors do not match any of those found in the top two but I still found a resemblance. The bottom left is the most unique compared to the other three. It has blacks and whites which the others don’t show. The black could even be considered a very deep purple which kind of ties in the other three.

Different parts of Warhol seem to be accentuated in each picture. The hat he is wearing seems to be the focus. It is the biggest part of each picture and usually what the eye sees first. I like how it shadows his face in the same color as well. His hair is a different color in each picture and that color, such as the pink, tan, purple and yellow, is highlighted throughout the rest of his hair. His face is also a different color in each pictures including blue, red, a faint pink and darker pink. This creates definition in the picture.

The position of the color wheel is very important as well. The pictures with the reds and oranges are positioned around that part of the wheel as are the blues and purples.

The shading is very cool. It is not the same color as the main color of that part, such as the hat with the exception of the top left. The way Goethe uses the colors in his shading is very eye-catching and interesting. The shading adds depth to the pictures and relates to patterns seen everyday. Pink is seen with purple as is green with purple. Red and blue are also popular combinations and yellow is a great accent color.

When you see this image, you first just see a bunch of colors but the more you analyze it, the more relationships you find between the color choices and the color wheel.

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ResponseĀ 3

This is a picture I took last summer from my backyard. I love the bright photo and how rich the colors seem.

The variations in the values looks great in the flower itself. The orange/yellow color turned out well, and I believe there are eight values.

This is Vera Bradley’s Purple Punch pattern. It is my favorite and I own about all of the pieces! It’s a great contrast of colors and a bright pattern.

The colors look great in the grey tones here as well. There are about eight values here as well.

Although this picture is a little blurry, it has wonderful colors. I feel it is worthy of being included in the top three. It is my senior year prom dress and is courtesy of Peters Photography.

There are about six values in this one. I like the wide range of values in this picture-they almost go from white all the way to black as well.

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